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He's A Lady

TBS Reality TV Show:
He's A Lady
Denae was selected and filmed by TBS for their latest new Reality Television Show "He's A Lady". Denae's expertise as a beauty expert and femininity coach can be seen in the this telvision show which was shown on TBS

Click here to read about the second episode of He's A Lady, where the contestants got femininity training by Denae!


Some of Denae's Favorite TG Conferences

First Event Conference


Gold Rush

Southern Comfort Conference

Click here for aa complete list of TG Conferences


Become The Woman You Want To Be

Denae Doyle is a Femininity Coach and Image Consultant who offers private consultations and training videos to create and improve your feminine image in both your personal and professional life. Denae works with the TG woman (male to female) on voice, feminine movement, makeup, hair and wigs. Her clientele includes post-op transsexuals, transgendered individuals who are preparing for sexual reassignment surgery (pre-op transsexuals), as well as occasional and serious crossdressers. Denae can help you become the woman you want to be.

Its fun and easy to start working with Denae. You can setup a personal consultation with her or have a telephone consultation if you cannot make it to the SF Bay Area. She also has DVDs and video downloads available that cover much of the material presented in her private consultations. You can contact her via email at or call her at 831-479-1282.


Videos to Help You Develop Your Feminine Style

Denae offers DVDs and Downloadable videos containing many of the same lessons she teaches in person. These videos cover Feminine Movement, Voice Training and Gestures While Speaking & Listening, Feminine Dance Moves, Creating Feminine Photo Poses, Makeup Tips For the TG Woman, And Tips On Dressing. For more information click here.

tg dvds



Special Offer On 3 Hour Consults in Santa Cruz

Denae is offering a special rate for 3 hour consults for only $180. These take place in and around her studio in Santa Cruz, CA which is south of San Jose. These consults can be designed to address any topics you wish including movement, fashion, voice, makeup, etc.. There are numerous places where Denae can take you to shop in Santa Cruz including mall stores like Macy's as well as more quirky clothing shops. Or maybe you just want to go to lunch someplace. Santa Cruz is a very tolerant town for all lifestyles. Addition time is available beyond the 3 hours at $80 per hour. click here to arrange a consult with Denae.


Special Offer on 5 Hour Consults in San Francisco

Spend the day in San Francisco with Denae! She is offering a special rate for 5 hour consults of only $600. These consults can be designed to address any topics you wish including movement, fashion, voice, makeup, etc.. If you want to explore San Francisco in femme, this is a great way to do it. There are many places to shop and visit in San Francisco and you cannot find a more accepting place for TGs. click here to arrange a San Francisco consult with Denae.


Telephone and Skype Consultations

For those who are unable to work privately with Denae in the San Francisco Bay Area, Denae is now available by her new telephone or Skype Sessions. During these sessions Denae is able to help you with Voice Training, Feminine Movement, Fashion Advice, or if you have personal questions about understanding TG Life Issues and feel you need confidential advice--Denae now offers TG LifeStyle Phone Consultations. Both audio and video sessions are available using Skype. For information on telephone For information on telephone sessions click here.

For information on Skype sessions: click here.


Denae is releasing a new book

Denae will be publishing her first book in the near future, entitled "Denae Doyle's Guide for the Modern Crossdresser." It contains many essays and articles that addresses all aspects of developing a more feminine style. It will an E-book that will be available on this site in the near future.


Denae Works with the following physicians and therapists

If you are coming to the SF Bay Area to work with any of these physicians or therapists, it a great time to schedule an appointment with Denae.

  • Dr. Doug Osterhout,  Feminine Facial Surgery
  • Dr. Toby Meltzer, Gender Re-Assignment Surgeon
  • Dr. Marci Bower, Gender Re-Assignment Surgeon
  • Dr. Judy Van Maasdam, Ph.D    Stanford University
  • Dr. Peter Davis, MD Stanford
  • Dr. Mildred Brown Ph.D "True Selves"
  • Dr. Joel Beck   Facial Surgery and Body Shaping

Dr Joel Beck and Denae Doyle

Denae with Dr Joel Beck




Doug Ousterhout, well known Facial Feminization Surgeon, has published a new book about his career. In the book he recommends that his patients consult with Denae as part of their transition. This is what he has to say:

"Face altering surgery is not all there is in achieving a feminine persona. You must act a female in every other way. Fortunately we have personal assistant professionals such as Denae Doyle of Santa Cruz ...who can aid in that development.

dr ousterhout