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Voice Training

Developing a feminine voice is important for passing as a female in everyday situations. More people are disappointed not on how they look but in being called “Sir” on the phone or in person. For many, there are endless hours spent working on voice and still the “Sirs” continue to come. voice training with Denae


While Denae is not a voice pathologist, she has worked on voice with her TG clients for over 12 years She has also studied the approaches of other voice teachers and in the process created a very effective way to create a softer, more feminine voice. Her approach is simple to understand and with enough time and practice, will give you the feminine voice you desire.


In your voice consultation, Denae will work with you on establishing feminine resonance, pitch, and inflection. She will help you create a more feminine voice and will offer you several voice exercises to work on.


Denae uses a computer program, called Spectrogram, in all of her voice training sessions. This tool takes the guess work out of developing more feminine pitch, resonance, and inflection. You can see what you voice looks like and when it is male or female. You can also keep a library of your practice sessions to compare your monthly improvement. Denae was the first voice instructor to use Spectrogram for the TG community more 12 years ago, and now others are catching on to the importance of this tool.


Beyond just resonance, pitch, and inflection, movement is also key in developing a feminine voice. Simply put, moving in a feminine way while your speaking helps you sound move feminine. By integrating aspects of movement and voice, you will find voice training much easier to achieve and sustain. Voice and movement will require the most work on your part initially, but the results are far more rewarding. Sounding female can be obtained while learning fun feminine expressions and mannerisms.


Denae offers voice training in both her private consultations as well over the telephone.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I look forward to working with you on your feminine voice.