Femininity Coaching for Transsexuals and Serious Crossdressers
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Sensual Feminine Movement – “How To Move In A Feminine Way”.


This two volume video set on  Feminine Movement and Poise is geared towards the transgendered woman who wants to improve her image or redefine herself from “man in a dress” to “truly feminine”.


Taught by Denae Doyle, internationally acclaimed femininity coach, these  two videos provide nearly two  hours of professionally produced instruction with hints and how-to’s to improve your feminine image and movement. Included are detailed lessons in:


Feminine body language that says “Female!

Feminine stance and posture.

Feminine ways to walk. How to create a walk for casual, business, and formal wear.

The correct way to put your coat on and off.

The ladylike ways to carry your handbag and clutch bag.

The graceful way models glide up and down stairs.

How to be poised while being seated at a restaurant table by an escort.

Two techniques for entering and leaving a room (Doors).

How to slide a coat on and off, with an escorts help.

Sensual Hand Movement


Having developed unique techniques to train the TG woman overcome the obstacles they may stumble upon, Denae has successfully trained hundreds of TG women to move and have a more feminine body language and carriage.


Denae, who recently appeared in the TBS reality show “He’s A Lady” as well as the Discovery Channel’s documentary on TG Women, can now personally help you to begin creating your own unique feminine image. With just a DVD player or personal computer, you can have a private consultation with Denae Doyle in the privacy of your own home.


These videos are available in two formats: a physical DVD and a high quality MP4 download.



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