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TG Life Style Coaching and Advice

Denae is not a therapist, but brings 12 years of experience working with her TG clients, and has several close friends with Gender Issues; therefore Denae understands Gender Issues From Both A Personal and Professional View.


If you are just beginning or if you simply don’t have anyone in your area to speak with and ask questions, Denae’s new TG Life Question and Advice Line will be a perfect, confidential way for you to get so many answers. Denae has no agenda, no preference if a client is a CD or transitions to full time TS. Denae states, she helps everyone…the same way with no agenda.


Therefore, she offers you an objective view of what she has seen succeed and what she has seen–that does not work If you have questions, regarding full time, part time, your career, your family, or simply getting help with creating a feminine gait and body language and feminine voice, to selecting the best colors of makeup and clothing, selecting the best styles, vendors, what type of wig to select, eye glasses….ANY questions you have, Denae will discuss with you. This is a valuable service for those who are not able to get help in their area, or for those on a budget and expensive therapists are not in your budget right now….Denae is a safe, valuable alternative to help set you in the best direction. Denae’s TG Life Choices, Tips and Advice, should not take the place of your GID therapy, but will certainly help those who have basic questions and guidance.


Note* Denae is not sexual and offers you (and your spouse or partner) quality help and suggestions, from the new TG woman, who has never had the chance to actually open up and speak with anyone about this–to the Cross Dresser who has questions regarding going out in public, or wanting to discuss what “further’ would indicate–all the way to the pre-op and/or post-op girl who has questions regarding job interviews, dating, and tips regarding living as a woman.


Of course, Denae will discuss your voice, movement, and all image issues also, if needed or in addition. You will find Denae, friendly, kind, very knowledgeable about stage of the TG spectrum, and you will find her objective. Denae, feels being true to yourself, is always important; while thinking of your loved ones and their feelings also. Denae is aware of coming out at your job, and is wonderful with tossing ideas to and fro. This TG Advice Line is 100% confidential, and a scheduled time will be arranged by email or phone, when you can call Denae.


Denae’s charge for this one hour TG Help and Advice Phone Consultation is $75.00. You can be comfortable in your own location, across the US and get quality advice from one of the best-known and trusted professionals in the TG community.


Many girls, schedule their appointments, as needed. You will receive correct, quality, help…you can trust. Denae truly cares and wants to help. You will find her caring, warm, incredibly knowledgably of TG LifeSyle situations, pros and cons.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I look forward to working with you.