Femininity Coaching for Transsexuals and Serious Crossdressers


The first three seconds are the amount of time you have to create an effective first impression that says “female”. Have you mastered the art of presenting and being perceived effectively as female? Does your outer image effectively reflect the woman you feel inside? private consults with Denae


Learn to maximize your appearance with a consultation tailored to your personality, lifestyle and budget. Emphasis is placed on creating a natural look that helps you feel comfortable and project confidence in yourself.


Your private consultation may include:


Image analysis instruction in body language, carriage and gestures

Speech enhancement techniques for a more feminine voice

Wardrobe, and grooming recommendation

Makeup application and recommendations

Personal shopping services (Pre scheduled at TG friendly stores and salons)

Advanced Training in Feminine Poise, Feminine Movement and Dance, Photo Posing

Advanced Training For The Post-Op TS

Specialist referrals as required (Hair/wigs, facial surgery, and corsets)

Each private consultation is customized around the needs of the client. Denae will work with you to focus on what your needs are.


What happens during a private consultation ?

tg private consultations

I help my clients achieve success more quickly and easily in every area of their life by ensuring that their image is consistent with their new gender identity and career goals. Identity is who we are on the inside and our image is how that is conveyed physically through our clothing, body language, and grooming.


When our image is out of whack, difficulties arise. For example, let’s say you are a newly hired in a large firm and are eager to be promoted after a transition/real life test life. At work, however, you wear high, strappy sandals, showing off your new pedicure with daisies painted on your toes. Your skirts are so short that co-workers begin to resent you. Your cleavage makes you stand out. No matter how stellar your work and conduct, you will never be taken seriously if your appearance is to sexy for the office. You no longer have “male privilege”. Welcome to the world of women in business.


Even less obvious faux pas for many TG’s such as clothing that doesn’t fit well, choosing colors that make you appear larger, or not wearing a suit at the right times will stop progress in its tracks. Color is so vital to a powerful image because the right hues can make us look healthy and vibrant, bringing attention to the right areas.  We are naturally drawn to others who exude energy and vitality, and wearing our best colors can provide the illusion of this, especially for the new TG woman creating her new look.


What is the process of my private consultations?  I always begin with a new client by sending a questionnaire prior to our first meeting so that I know their goals for our time together, their style issues, shopping habits. I also train you on specific areas TG women need to succeed, such as: feminine movement, body language training, TG voice training, suggestions for quality full or partial hair pieces (to blend more naturally with your current hair), makeup application, along with suggestions ranging from laser to facial surgery, hormones to simple dance moves and feminine photos. Outside coaching, is a vital part of my work, getting out of the classroom and into the “real world”.


My number one goal is always to empower my client and help them feel great about themselves, and offer help on transition time lines. I offer objective, honest, but caring suggestions on how to improve your feminine image to blend, while being aware of the delicate issues one faces such as: future job, family relations, financial goals and helping you create your TG road map/time line.    I am told that I am kind and very knowledgeable of dressing, and/or transitions. I have seen clients succeed, and I am aware of the areas where one can stumble.


Please feel free to email me at: [email protected] or call me personally  at (831) 479-1282 in Santa Cruz, CA (South of San Francisco, CA)