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Scandles At Marshalls

June 27th, 2015

Hello Ladies- I was at Marshalls retail store yesterday, and they have the most darling scandals on sale! Glitter, jewels, regular, wide sizes and up to size 11. I get the stretch scandals with open toes and sides. They make shorts and summer skirts fun! Look at their cute straw hats. LOTS of sales!!

Take a look,


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Learning To Walk Without Overstriding For Woman

June 11th, 2015

Overstriding vs. Correct Walking Stride - Depositphotos

                    Top: Overstriding. Bottom: Correct Walking Stride.                       Depositphotos

Updated December 10, 2014.

When practicing a good walking stride, the first key is to avoid overstriding, which is taking longer steps to increase speed. Overstriding is inefficient and it is potentially harmful.

Take more, smaller steps rather than lengthening your stride.

Your stride should be longer behind your body, where your toe is pushing off, rather than out in front of your body. This is because your forward leg has no power, while your back leg is what is driving you forward.

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You want to get the full power out of the push from the back leg, with the foot rolling through the step from heel to toe.

Fast walkers train themselves to increase the number of steps they take per second and to get full use out of the back part of the stride.

Above: The stick walker on the left is overstriding, on the right is using a better stride.

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Walking Technique Tutorial 1. Posture 2. Arms 3. Taking a Step 4. Your Stride 5. Warm-up 6. Stretching 7. Cool down 8. Schedule

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Shoes & Heels For The TG Woman ~ Which are Comfortable For Wider Food

June 11th, 2015


Many women have difficulty finding a pair of shoes that do not hurt their feet. Nothing will destroy your “feminine stride” like a pair of tight shoes! To avoid this common mistake, I recommend most TG women select a WIDE width when wearing closed toe heels or pointed toe boots. Or, select an open toe shoe or sandal and or try a sling back.  Men generally have wider feet– than most women. If you have a flat foot, it is important to select a higher quality woman’s shoe. Also, add padding to your heels, such as Good Feet.

There are very few US retail stores that carry a WIDE width in woman’s shoes in larger sizes over size 10.  Through my work, I have located the two retail best stores– for the larger and/or wide shoe and you can also purchase them over the Internet.  Nordstrom’s for the more expensive shoe and Payless Shoe Source for the less expensive shoe.–and this price range is great for any fad style.  Another great tip—use their web site!  Both stores have wonderful large color photos showing what sizes are available from their entire database and often ship for free.   www.nordstroms.com and www.paylessshoesource.com Nordstrom’s has many quality shoes in the $85.00 and up range. Shop in January when you can buy great leather shoes during their winter clearance sale. Payless Shoe Source is great for an inexpensive shoe. Always, put making tape on the bottom of the shoes…while you “test them while wearing them around the house”. If they begin to hurt your feet after a few hours, tear the masking tape off, and return the shoe. Oh yes, wear hosiery!

But, next I want to tell you about my best, new shopping tip–Aerosoles and Clarks is excellent, you can order both on line and return with NO hassel.

Aerosoles shoes have a new look and design! They no longer look like your grandmothers shoes.  Now, Aerosoles.com has a new very fashionable, style of heels, flats and sandals. They have half sizes, and Wide and up to size 12 which is ideal for a majority of TG women. I just bought my first pair, after selecting them on line from their new catalog and finally I can wear stylish heels, sandals and thongs ~ that are designed ~  to NOT hurt our feet!

How long you can stand in a pair of heels, is the true test. lThe strapes don’t cut into your feet and their heels are designed to not tilt your forward, but keep your weight right over the heel. I am throwing out all my shoes, that hurt my feet –after one hour.

The only style of shoe, they did not offer…was a cloth covered evening heel. But, the company has designed  darling jewel stone thong sandals, wedges, heels and flats. You can’t look very feminine, with a gait that screams “My Feet Are Killing Me”. I strongly recommend them.  http://www.aerosoles.com/

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Replay To Wigs

May 31st, 2015

Hello J.


Thank you for your question, asking what type of wig I suggest you wear….and you liked the wig I put on at Cal Dreamin. Please ONLY go to a wig salon, (not wig store) and do not purchase a wig off the internet…as no one wants to cut or color a wig they did not sell. When ordered off the internet, you’re stuck with what arrives, and you then have no one to help you trim and thin out the top. Therefore, it is worth the extra money you will have to pay on the front end, to go into a wig salon and have them make a wig for you, and have them custom color and cut the wig.

The wig I purchased was from Hanson Fontana in SF. Please tell them, it is the wig Denae wore as I have named this wig the “Meg Ryan” wig as I had them put in custom dark roots which looks really hot. Then, I had them pull through some highlights of gold and ash. You can google them, or I have them listed on TG Resources on the FemImage web site. Again, tell them you Denae sent you, this will que them you are TG and let them know to have some of the wigs ready for you….that  I have chosen for my private clients.

If you have any questions about color, please email me a femme facial photo in your current wig so I can see you skin color, and I will email you back suggestions on which base color to order and what highlight colors to order. They are excellent helping you with a cut….(I prefer for TG’s a straight style, that is tapered in at the cheek, the jaw and the neck,  on the sides like Jennifer Aniston as it covers a larger jaw line and or neck). Again, tell them the type of cut Denae puts on her TG women with the Meg Ryan natural human hair wig with dark roots. Jasmine, I hope this answers your questions and you will be pleased you purchased a “high quality” wig as it is the one accessory you will wear EVERY time you go out dressed. Also, if you have some thin hair, you can order a partial and pull your hair through. I have one and love it, it gives you “big hair”. Smiles………….


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Cap Short Sleeeve T-Sthirt ~ The Best For The TG Woman

May 25th, 2015

Hello from Denae. Height Goddess has clothes and shoes for the tall woman. This photo is the very best for the shoulders and arms of the TG woman. This is a “cap” sleeve, which has some coverage on the top of the sleeve. They come in many colors and they are longer in the back, if you would like to wear them with leggings.

                    Vote Your Favorite Phrase!               

ARE YOU READY TO VOTE? The HG team received dozens of suggestions for the perfect phrase for … Read More

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Nail Salons

May 6th, 2015

Beware! There have been many, recent report with Hepatitis C being transmitted in cheaper nail salons. Hepo C is a deadly liver disease and is now killing more people (mostly women0 through blood and hangnails. Take your own equipment. Spend the extra money and make an appointment, call and ask if they sterilize their equipment (like a dentist). The blue lotion, is used in barber ships and does NOT kill this deadly virus. Save your life, spread the word. Maybe for one night, learn to apply your own stick on nails.

Many of the cheap walk in salons….do NOT clean their tools from client to client. I watched and saw 3 cients before me, have the same equipment. When I spoke up, suddenly no one could speak English.  PLEASE be careful, I have heard terrible stories of women getting very exhausted, and eventually dying of liver disease. Look this up for yourself, if you like to wear long nails, or call ahead of time and find a salon that will book your appointment and pre-sterilize your tools. Take your own tools, but they still use drills you can’t buy (that I know of).

Be careful, there are some nasty walk in salons that are just there to make money with no  regard for transmitting a deadly disease that is now on the rise. Watch  television ads and you will see the new commercials for Hepatitis C transmission. There is a chemotherapy treatment now that can  treat the virus in 6-7 months. of  harsh treatment.

Do your own nails, teach your daughters to do their own nails. The days of the girls going to the salon for fun and having their nails done, is over.


This is my opinion—- I do know of people who have caught Hep C at a nail salon. Again, go the better, high scale salon, make an appointment and don’t use the walk in salons that are dirty.


















in 6 months, but people are very ill..


Please be careful, of do your own nails!!


This is my opinion
















































transmitted in Nail Salons.

They do not sterilize their equipment, with the same equipment a doctor or centist uses. It requires HEAT.

Take your own suppolies with you, and insist they use clean tools (often they way they they do clean tools but don’t.)

It is best to use a higher end salone, not the less expensive , walk in nail salons. Hep C is not killing more people than HIV.

And, women are getting exposed the most. Remember, buy your own supplies, and watch to see if they use heated tools. Make an appointment, don’t use the walk in salons, they are the worst, and in my opioion do not sterilize with heat. Watch, and see…..watch to see if they pick up the same tools after the previous clients leaves. Blood can easily be transmitted through hang nails and or a previous client who had a bleeding handnail. This is a new outbreak, and I want all of you to do your own research. Be careful, spend more money for a salon that requires an appointment and look for heating equipment.


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Bruce Jenner Comes Out As Transgender

April 25th, 2015

Hello from Denae. I am sure many of you watched the Diane Sawyer show on Transgexual, and Bruce Jenner. I say good for Bruce. He/She will help educate the young teens coming out. I have worked with hundreds of TGs for 12 years. Let it be known, most are simply CrossDressers who love to wear womens’ clothes (fetish). However those who want a sex change are clearly needing to be a woman with SRS. By going slow, getting help from true professionals, you will know inside which side you’re on.


Good luck Bruce!

Denae Doyle

831 479-1282

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Mirror Work ~ Article From The WebSite

April 24th, 2015

Mirror Work  For Helping TG Women

Dear Claudia- I received so many comments back on this post–I am going to post it again, for those who may have missed it. Please ccomment back, what you like about it, and what it really states about you as tg women. If you wiill ask me a comment, I am getting  better at answering. Look for the Main article if interested!

Mirror Behavior For TG Women

15 Mar 2012 2 Comments

by femimage in Fashion Tips For The Transgendered Woman Tags: [Edit]

I was recently at a cocktail party, and an interesting person asked about my work. They discussed “Mirror Behavior”.  Goggle for details, but I am very interested in….how this will help the new Trans woman, with her movement. I found about 5 sites on Goggle, full of information.

To apply to how to look more feminine, herewith a  few “jewels” I found.

1. Leaning foward towards the person speaking to you. (shows interest in him or her).

2. Straighten your jewelry, or move your hair.

3. Make direct eye contact and do not look at anyone else in the room. Show him interest. All of us are quilty of doing this. However, when you’re interested in dating someone…this is very important.

4. Act shy. Okay all males. This is important, Don’t take control. This is probably the one personality issue, my clients have the most difficulty changing. Leave the controlling  personality at work, or at least at home.

5.Keep a prolonged look (but do not make them uncomfortable).

6. Practice not blinking. In fact, practice your facial “looks, smiles, eyes, teeth, etc. before you begin going out, so you get comfortable with your new image. Learn to listen, and look the person in the eyes–they are the only person in the room–don’t glance at everyone that walks by.Try licking your lips SOME, but don’t over-do.  Stroke your arm or neck with a finger, stroking is hypnotic!

7. Ask the other person, about themselves. Wait until they ask about you…before you mention very much abouut yourself.

8. Women are comfortable with more space  between them…than men are. Generally about 2 feet.

9. When you shake hands, keep your hand shake light, and keep your fingers and skin soft. If you like him, put your other hand…softly on top of his. Remember, to oil your hands at night, some  women have hands which are very hard–due to their work. Keep those toes soft, with warm water and lotion. Fresh toe nail polish if you’re goinjg out, with fresh panties and bra. Nothing old or stained! Save your “pretty” garments for going out. Panty shields also help. I suggest Mitchum underarm, for male and female. Odor just can’t get through.

10 And, be sure and lean into them briefly when you are introduced or say hello. Then, step back slightly. Now, it’s his move!  If you don’t get a response, then move on, we have all been rejected.

11. Remember their name!

12. This is a must, keep your new feminine voice soft. Use the feminine gestures, I taught you in my  Vol 3 (Gestures When Speaking) You can find this at   click on DVDs and look for Vol 3.

Keepyour wrist broken, and wear nail polish and nails which are shaped nicely. Wear a very light perfume, a strong perfume is for the old ladies! Pick items up with your finger tips, don’t grab the glass or fork. Take slow bites,

Try to point your toes, towards your date.! Also, try to point your toes and knees, in the same direction. Move your shoulders, a lot! Tilt your head and did I say, Lick Your Lips!!

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TG Tips For Shaving Your Legs

April 24th, 2015

Hello from Denae. I hope all of you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I went to Pebble Beach for lunch with my best friend, there were beautiful women with beautiful clothes!

Herewith an article on shaving your legs…in response to Catherine’s email.

TIPS FOR SHAVING YOUR LEGS! What is the best way to shave your legs to prevent a rash? For TG’s who do not have a lot of experience with shaving their legs, underarms and bikini area, this is a wonderful question!

First, I have found out how important it is to exfoliate your skin before shaving. It gets rid of all the dead skin cells that could clog up your razor, preventing a close shave. I exfoliate my face with a hand pad, and with a good exfoliating lotion, from the drug store. I also exfoliate my arms and legs with a hand pad from the drug store. This also removes sun spots, or liver spots. (This is a very important step, if you’re going to use any tanning product, as dead skin will cause the tanning product to show these spots even more).

The trick to shaving is to wet your skin and let it soften from the heat and moisture. You don’t want to shave dry skin. Shaving is a natural exfoliator and you’ll clog up the razor with dead skin while putting yourself at risk for nicks. I sit in a very warm bath with yummy soaps I purchase from a soap store. There’s no need to waste your money on shaving creams formulated especially for women. They are virtually the same as the creams sold for men, unless you enjoy the smell of women’s shaving creams. Same goes for your razor; you can use men or women’s razors. You are going to have to experiment with razors until you find the perfect one for you. Look for a razor with lubricated strips, pivoting heads and spring-mounted multiple blades. I’ve sampled several types and varieties and was amazed at how different each feels. With trial and error, I have found the Schick Quattro for Women, which has four super-thin blades and a pivoting head, works best on my legs.

Be sure to change razors or cartridges on a regular basis, a dull blade can lead to nicks. Also, it’s best not to use the razor you use in guy mode, on your face.as your facial hair can be coarser and will dull a blade.

Since your leg hairs grow down, you’ll want to start at your ankles and shave up. For your underarms, you’ll need to shave in every direction since the hair there grows every which way. When finished, apply oil or moisturizer. The skin on your legs has few oil glands and has a tendency for dryness. Don’t forget to put lotion on your feet! And, shave any hair on your feet, or toes. (Please clip those toe nails as men have thicker toe nails, and this can be a giveaway).

Ingrown hairs are caused when the hairs curl back under the skin. Avoid ingrowns by exfoliating daily and using a glycolic acid body lotion. You can purchase this, at your local drug store. (Be sure and get a glycolic acid for your face also, as a man.you will be shaving your face closer to apply makeup).

If you tend to get a few ingrown hairs try Tend Skin –an over-the-counter lotion for ingrown hairs, applying it in the morning and at night. The bumps should disappear within a couple days.

If you’re full time, consider opting for waxing, at least on your legs. You’ll find that men do have coarser hair; it won’t grow back as fast. If you’re a CD, consider purchasing a good electric shaver, which has three blade sizes. Take your leg hair down, leaving some hair for guy mode.

When you wear hose… they cover the light amount of hair you left on your legs. You can use your electric shaver, for your arms or legs. If your hair is really dark, try “Jo Lynn” body hair bleach, from any drug store. Simply rub it on, (it is like tooth paste) and wash off in 5 mins. Your hair will be lighter. This can be done, in the summer, when the sun would normally bleach out your hair. (Okay, it sounds good, right)?


Denae Doyle

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A TG’s View On Passing

March 9th, 2015

Below is an article sent to me  by a Cross Dresser where she discusses her views on passing. After reading this, I realized there are so many different ideas about passing. I would like to hear your views…as transgendered women differ on their views…depending upon where they are on the tg spectrum.

This article does not necessary reflect the views of Denae Doyle.



BY  C.

Tri-Ess, the society for the second self, for most of us is a place where we are free to explore our feminine persona and to take it where it needs to go.  For many  of us part of this goal, for lack of the better word, is” passibility”.  Whether we are limited to a once a month journey to the Tri Ess  meeting or live a good deal of time en femme, we all wish to be able to pass as one of the general female population.  To this end, we spend countless hours on wardrobe, hair, makeup, movement and voice in an effort to be a more credible female.             In my personal journey, I have moved from attending Tri Ess meetings and TG events, to limited outings, to frequent outings, to the point where I feel comfortable going out and about solo or with spouse for an afternoon, an evening or for a full day en femme. I shop, dine or go to a movie or play en femme, but in spite of this personal evolution my primary concern is” am I passing                  Several years ago, I attended a TG Convention and had occasion to meet an extremely passable member of another Tri Ess Chapter. We began to discuss her feminine evolution and she explained that  she had a wife and family at home, but was required by her job to be out of town a good deal on business travel .She further explained ,she always packed so that she could spend much of her off hours, en femme. She further told me that she had been doing this for some time and had visited most of the major cities. I asked what it was like to go en femme in San Francisco. Her reply is that there is good news and bad news. The bad news was that San Francisco was so gender conscious that it was next to impossible to pass. The good news was that people absolutely didn’t care .I believe that in many ways, this attitude has spread, at least in the major cities.   I have found that unless I stand out because of a short skirt, extreme makeup or ultra high heels, or for some other reason that draws attention to me, people are usually too preoccupied with “their own stuff” to notice.  Most of the clerks employed by major retailers have been instructed not to make an issue out of cross dressing.  As a result, it seems to me that I am not being read and am passing most of the time                  I have found that an important part of passing is to fit in the social situation.  We all seen women who are wearing clothing that is more appropriate for a girl twenty years her junior.  We have also seen women who are seriously over dressed or under dressed for the social circumstances. Go out any Saturday afternoon either to a shopping area or to any major city or shopping mall and you’ll find the vast majority of women do not wear a skirt and high heels, but instead are dressed in slacks or jeans with flats or low heels. If you are interested in becoming one of those women, I have found it is best to dress like the other girls if you don’t want stand out. My wife describes this type of dress as” real girl clothes”               As a result, one of the depressing consequences of my spending more time en femme is that I find myself in slacks and flats much more often than I would like . I also find that my goal is not so much to focus on being” passable” but rather to be what I call “presentable” . “Presentable “as I define it, means wearing clothes that are appropriate for the situation, your age and your personal physical limitations, unless your objectives is to draw attention to yourself.  I am not suggesting that you can’t wear a skirt and heels to the mall, but if you are going to do so you need to consider the effect it will have.             Most of us are still experimenting with our own individual feminine look, with the kind of wardrobe that works for the look we aspire to.  We are also still perfecting our makeup technique and finding hairstyles that work for our face and features.   My wife has jokingly suggested that I am about at the same stage of feminine evolution as a   fourteen or fifteen year-old teenage girl .My wife’s message is don’t get too carried away with feminine fun and act like a teenager.         Nearly every woman will agree that makeup and cute cloths are fun. Most  would also agree that a girl needs to use a little moderation and conduct oneself like the grown-up woman we aspire to be.  Acting or dressing like a teenager, whether you are transgendered or a genetic women will cause unwelcome attention and  problems .In short, it is probably best to act your age whether you are male or female.                      Frequently, something happens to shock me into reality; as hard as I try, I can’t convincingly pass as a woman the majority of the time.  The reasons are fairly simple.  I am 5’11″ and 190 pounds.  Most women are about 5’ 4″.  I have big hands, wide fingers, a square jaw and a prominent Adam’s apple.  I have a male forehead ridge and without major facial surgery my essential features are male.  There is only so much makeup, foundation garments and clothing can do to feminize my appearance.       Oh yes, I have had my share of middle-aged men or even younger men open the door for me with a smile.  I have also had my share of sales clerks and waiters referred to me as” Miss” or Ma’am”.  Oh yes, I have a number of photographs where I looked very passable, but I also have more where I still look like a guy in a dress.  I think that the real test in how I  present  is how I look in the bad photos.  Oh yes, there are a number of members who are slight, small boned and have great features and are seriously passable.  We all envy them, but they are the minority not the major  Sometime ago, I left a Tri Ess meeting to retrieve an item from my car. A middle-aged man pulled up to me in the parking lot and asked me if there was” a meeting going on.” It was plain he knew something was going on, but wasn’t quite sure what it was.  My impression was he was not a potential member, but rather wanted to see the show.  I asked him, in my best femme voice what kind of meeting he was looking for.  He said, he didn’t know.  My response was” sorry I can’t help you. “  His response was a friendly” thanks buddy.”  I was shocked.  In spite of my best efforts to project a feminine persona, and the fact that he was trying to the nice, I was still a guy in a dress to him. I was seriously depressed .   The question becomes what do I do about it?  The answer probably comes from my wife.  I will frequently ask her how I look en femme. Her response is “you always look like Norman Bates to me”.  I believe in this flippant comment she has put her finger on my dilemma.  In short, she never believes or has any illusion that I am a passable female.  In spite of this fact, she is willing to go out with me and spend the day with a guy in a dress.  Passibility is not an issue for her.  If it is not an issue for her, why should it be an issue for me?  If she is willing to go with the flow why shouldn’t I .  I think the best approach is to just go out and  by doing so you will, gain confidence in your femme persona. .The kind of confidence that is required to deal with the stress of going out in public, being read for thinking that you are being read .    Even girls who have gone through transition sometimes have a problem being read as male, as do some of the most impressive professional female impersonators.  Unfortunately I    think this fact is something we all need learned to live with.   Another comment my wife frequently makes when I ask her how I look “seriously” is to lift another film reference, this time from the movie Tootsie, and respond” don’t play hard to get.” unfortunately she is right.  Most of us are never going to be the kind of” Hotties” we aspire to be, no matter what we do.      I further suggest that we should also remember that women get checked out whether they want to or not, so the possibility exists that we are being read as a women and in reality some guy believes he is checking out a woman that he finds interesting or unusual for some reason.  In short, if we are going out as women we need to get used to the uninvited attention women are frequently forced to put up with.           I believe another key to passing is to become more relaxed and to stop focusing or being overly concerned with being able to pass, and instead concentrate on the ultimate goal of a more complete enjoyment of your second self. An immediate benefit of this is that you will project body language that doesn’t say “something is wrong here” or body language that isn’t negative or defensive, causing people to pay attention to you as a potential threat .An additional benefit of learning to be more relaxed is that you can move a lot less like a rigid male and a lot more like a fluid female with a loose relaxed body and posture.          Another point to consider is your overall feminine lifestyle or the feminine lifestyle you aspire to. For most of us it is rather limited. Many of us may from time to time fantasize about living as a woman full-time or for a period of time but most of us know that it will most likely never happen.  For most of us, our feminine lifestyle is limited to a once a month outing, a once a week outing or at most something we do a couple of times a week, or occasionally for a couple of days at a TG convention.  For many of us there are also periods where we don’t go out at all.  In reality this is a small part of our life.             Most of us have wives, girlfriends, children and friends   who are a far more significant part of our lives than our feminine persona.  We also have jobs that make both are male and female lifestyles possible.  These commitments and interests serve as a tether holding us back from any all-out effort to transform ourselves into the women we sometimes aspire to be.  Many wives have little or no patience for our efforts to create a feminine persona.  Even those wives and girlfriends who are accommodating to our transgender needs have their limits. My wife is extremely understanding when it comes to Carolyn, my femme self, but when I shave my legs or do my brows with a full female arch it is plain she is quickly reaching her limit.           When considering how much you are able to do to pass successfully, I suggest that you need to consider that your social limitations are just as a real as the physical limitations of your body.  The simple fact is, that in spite of our occasional wishes, most of us do not choose to make the sacrifice and commitment necessary to really pass as female.  We therefore need to consider this when setting our goal for passibility.  We need to set a goal that is appropriate for our real lifestyle.         In other words passing, in my opinion, is a function of where you are going and  who you are going to be with. Passing for me is a look that works for the feminine persona I choose to pursue. This is obviously different for everyone.  I submit that the ultimate test of passing is not how convincing you are in your femme persona to the general public, but how well your feminine persona works for the feminine   lifestyle you choose to lead.

Not all comments are the view of Denae Doyle.

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