Femininity Coaching for Transsexuals and Serious Crossdressers

About Denae

Denaë Doyle is a highly trained professional woman who has successfully coached women in self improvement, modeling and pageantry. Denaë has also been a successful model and pageant winner, and is co-founder and director of her own modeling school. She brings years of experience in teaching femininity to thousands of genetic females.


Denae with her two dogs

Denae works with the TG woman (male to female) on voice, feminine movement, makeup, hair and wigs. Her clientele includes post-op transsexuals, transgendered individuals who are preparing for sexual reassignment surgery (pre-op transsexuals), as well as serious crossdressers.


In contrast to glamorous transformation services, Denae emphasizes on teaching her transgendered clients how to achieve a feminine image for daily life situations.Consultations are available in Northern California, including the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose and Santa Cruz areas, at the major transgender events throughout the country, as well as by phone.


Denae is also a lecturer among therapists and TG support groups, conventions, and gender organizations. She works with gender therapists, their clients and client’s families.


In addition to her participation in the reality TV series “He’s A Lady”, Denae is a guest writer for Girl Talk Magazine, where she shares her vast knowledge with the transgender community.


When you are ready for more, order one of Denae’s instructional videos or contact Denae for a private consultation.


Denaë is recommended by Dr. Mildred Brown, author of “True Selves”, and world renown authority in the field of the Transgendered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Denaë has successfully trained Dr. Brown’s transgender clients, and several other gender therapist and gender centers, proving the
importance of her work. Denaë radiates with natural genetic femininity as well as inner warmth, strength and beauty.


Femimage trains you to be the most beautiful woman you can possibly be. With hard work, a TG woman will have a totally new professional image and feel confidence knowing they have the best possible quality in clothing, wigs, cosmetics and poise.


Denaë’s private one on one private consults are tailored to your personal needs. Denaë video tapes all your consults so that you may review them in the privacy of your home. Consults are currently available in the Northern California area.